ETP - Light Sources EPREL Technical Manual

ETP - Light  Sources EPREL Technical  Manual

Mert Eriş 

As it is known, according to the new regulation for light sources, the EPREL registration of the products should be created. It is the basic requirement for the products to be registered in EPREL and to contain the necessary information and technical documents. Users should be able to access product data with the QR Code on the light sources.

Supplier ; is obliged to provide the parameters in the product information form from the product database or through its own website. If the product database is; It is defined as a systematically organized collection of data on products created by the European Commission, comprising a section of conformity with clearly defined accessibility and safety requirements, an accessible online portal and a section open to consumers where information on specific product parameters can be accessed.

ETP - Light  Sources EPREL Technical  Manual  (Please Click) 

The Lighting Industry has a large share in the world and our country's market and is constantly developing. As manufacturers, it is our primary duty to provide added value to our country. Procedures are changing rapidly, as is common in emerging sectors. Our duty is to adapt quickly to this process. For this reason, I am happy to present you with information that I think will be useful in the process.

I would like to thank my esteemed Director Kemal Güver, Zeynep Akkaya for their contributions, Burak Çıkırık and Sabri Günaydın.

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